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Five-Letter Word Game


How to Play:
A 5 letter word (Game Word) is chosen at random or by user input.
For example, the word CROWN is chosen.
The player guesses 5 letter words, and the number of letters shared with the Game Word are reported by the program.
For example, ORBIT would be a 2-letter overlap for the O and R.
ROUND would be 3 for the R, O, and N.
Player guesses until the Game Word has been identified.
The less number of guesses it takes to guess the Game Word, the higher the score.

Load a Game:
Enter a previous game ID to resume a previous game where you left off.

Competitive Mode:
Start a game in competive mode and share the code to compete against
people to see who can solve the word in the least guesses.

Enter a 5-letter word (leave blank for random):

Competitive Mode:
Enter a Game ID:
Join a Competitive Game: